Pregnancy is a beautiful stage in a women’s life; you get to watch how a tiny spot on your belly develops into a full human. Most people I have talked to about this always say, first pregnancy is heaven, you can sleep as much as you want and need, focus on your health, your nutrition, and read all the pregnancy and develop books you can. If you already have a child and considering a second pregnancy, I must tell you it will not be the same, this time around, you are already responsible for a child, and your needs can quickly go to second place. There will be good days and challenging ones; the best you can do is have some tricks to survive the second (or third) pregnancy without losing your sanity lets get into it. Here are some of my tips to survive pregnancy with other children in the picture.

Learn Your Limits

If you are lucky to have tons of energy while pregnant, you can skip this paragraph, but it is almost impossible for many expectant moms to keep up with their routine. You need to know that you do not have to do it all; if one day your body is telling you to relax, listen! Tell that to the huge ironing still waiting for me in the utility room. Things such as dishes, laundry, cleaning, and even cooking can wait. Focus your energy on the essential activities of your day, and always ask for help. Taking care of you and your older child is crucial; the rest can wait.

Nap When Your Child Naps

Yes! Even if you feel like doing chores or cleaning, the best you can do if you are lucky to have a napping child is to go to bed and rest when he or she naps.


You probably know by now that routines are your best friends to keep peace at home. You might have to change it a little bit to go according to your new needs. For example, if you have bad mornings, try to keep the morning routine simple and prepare as much as possible the night before; doing it will help you maintain them once your baby is born.

Encourage Independence

Your firstborn might always be used to have you available, and maybe you help him or her with many activities. To avoid that, your child feels like mom is not there anymore, and to maintain your kids occupied, you can teach them to do things like picking their clothes and dressing by themselves. Independence can also help your back; you can ask your child to climb to his/her car seat instead of lifting. if your child is like much Second son David who always wants a hug, you can ask them to rise to the sofa and snuggle with you; little changes will make a big difference and will also make your child feel all grown up.

Mum and Child Activities

For your older children, it can sometimes feel like everything seem to be around the new baby. Make some time each day to do activities you both enjoy, playing their favourite game, watching a movie, or taking a walk outside. Those are perfect opportunities to bond with them and answer any questions that could pop up regarding the new baby.

Activities to Keep Your Older Child Entertained

You will have days of full chaos when your newborn and older children need your full attention and arms. For those days, prepare yourself with boxes of new and fun activities, something your kids can do by themselves. Save empty cardboard boxes from cereal and groceries and turn them into something they like, a house for toys, a car, a car ramp, even an astronaut helmet. Hand them a puzzle, organize a bowling night with a ball, and some toys. Build an obstacle track with zig-zag lines made with colour tape on the floor, some pillows to jump, and a finish line.

Cooking is also a great way to keep children of all ages entertained. For a toddler, mixing the salad, breaking eggs, mixing cup cake flour, and decorating them will be a lot of fun. Older children can slice fruit and veggies and help to set up the table. You can ask them what they want to eat for dinner some days of the week and involve them in the preparation.

Make Them Feel Important

Kids can suddenly feel like they do not have enough attention from their mom, especially when holding a baby 24-7. When your child needs you to listen to a silly story for the fifth time in one hour, please pay attention to then and ask a couple of questions. If your newborn is asking for attention simultaneously, tell the newborn to wait because it is his big sister or brother’s time to be with mum, this will make your older child feel like he still has a special place.

Explain Clearly to Your Children How They Can Help

Toddlers might be hard to talk to and listen to, but they can understand how to help, and they are always willing to help. Let your children know when you feel unwell or when you need to rest; explain to them that their little brother or sister needs them to help by being quiet or drawing a smiling face to make you feel better. If you have older children, it could be easier for them to help you with dishes, laundry, or cleaning their room.

Take Care of Yourself

Finally, a profoundly important thing you should know, your second or third pregnancy will not be the same; your days will be full of activities and cooking and cleaning. Among all those activities, you must find time for you. Accept all the help you have; if you can afford daycare take those hours to rest and relax. If your relatives can take care of your children for a couple of hours or take them to the park, say yes and enjoy a warm meal; remember that you need to start with yourself if you want to take good care of your family.