Valentine’s day is a great opportunity to celebrate friendship and love with our partner. It might be challenging for couples with children to organize a romantic evening, and quarantine does not make it easier for anyone.

But still, there are many options to spend the day at home and celebrate with your children in a fun way. Let’s not forget they are also missing celebrating this wonderful day at school or with their friends. It’s only fear to get them involved in some activities also. having that in mind here are a couple of ideas for you to have a romantic valentine’s day while your children are around.


Start the day making a beautiful, themed breakfast. You can buy some heart sprinkles, make a strawberry smoothie, change a bit of your usual pancake recipe and add some color. Little details can turn a regular meal into a festive one. Heart-shaped muffins or toast topped with berries are ideal too, hot chocolate with heart-shaped cream on top. Let your imagination flow.


with websites like amazon getting items delivered to your doorstep has never been easier. The best way to turn a regular day into a celebration is by surrounding the space with decorations. There is no need to spend a lot. Prepare a fun activity to involve the children. Use balloons, red, pink, purple, and white paper cut into heart shapes. You can even make some confetti. Turn your living room into a valentine’s day festival. let loss have fun with it. what an opportunity to teach your children about all the things you love about them.


There are many creative ways to express our emotions, and writing what we feel about each other can improve our relationships. let’s take it back to the ’80s when pen and paper was one of the most important things in a relationship. We often take for granted those around us. We expect our partners to know how we feel about them but saying it can make a huge difference.

Encourage your kids to write letters not only to their siblings and parent but also to grandparents and friends, even to their teachers or neighbors. When we face hard times, a kind word can brighten our days. My boys enjoy writing a letter to their grandmothers before the lockdown I will take them to the flower shop to pick the flowers we should send with their letters.


Choose a movie about friendship and make some popcorn to enjoy the afternoon. You can also play board games or do any other activity your children enjoy. you can even make a game around your children getting to know you by asking you questions. Make emphasis on how important friendship is and how love is not only about romance but about caring for all that surrounds us.


I understand that being at home with the kids does not create the most romantic environment for a couple but try to make the most out of your day. With all the fun activities you planned for the day, they will probably be exhausted early, a hot bubble bath and a nice book will send your little ones straight to dreamland.

The time is now here . ADULT TIME as I call it ,pop a bottle of your favorite drink. 

You can order a special dinner, or a pizza for two, the idea is that you take the time to enjoy each other company, and you relax for a bit. Watching a movie together or listening to music and having a grown-up conversation without interruption will feel like a little escape from the routine.