10 Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Girls Under 10

Buying a gift for a 10-year-old girl or younger isn’t always as easy as it seems. But with some ideas for starters, you can find a perfect Christmas gift that she’ll love.

The challenge with shopping for a gift for girls is that there are so many options out there. Every time you go to the store, it seems like there are always new things that show up. But if you know your daughter, niece, or grandchild, picking the perfect gift shouldn’t be so tricky.

In case you still can’t decide which gift to give her, this guide might be of use to you. Whether she is a fashionable type, creative and fun, an avid reader, or whatever her personality is, we’ve gathered some of the best gift items for girls under ten years old.

1. Ginger Ray Pamper Party Tent

If she enjoys having friends for a sleepover, then there’s probably no reason not to get her this Ginger Ray Pamper Party Tent. The tent’s base measures approximately 111 cm by 120 cm, and could easily accommodate her and her friends. The pastel pink theme is perfect for all girly 10-year-old girls. It comes with three wooden support tent poles and two support slats. It can be a fantastic addition to her room for some cosy playtime with her friends. It is also very easy to put up, so there is no need to stress when setting it up in her room.

Ginger Ray Pamper Party Tent

Pamper Party Tent: https://amzn.to/33dMj8c

2. Nia Ballerina Doll

Your daughter, niece, granddaughter, or goddaughter will be mesmerized by how adorable Nia Ballerina is. She is an adventurous and vibrant little girl who loves ballet more than anything else in this world. She’s always dressed in pink and designed to give your little ones many hours of fun.

Nia Ballerina is a black doll with black synthetic hair tied back with a pink bobble. She is about 12.5 inches tall and recommended for 3-year-old children and above. She is also made from high-quality, durable materials with movable arms and legs.

Nia Ballerina Doll

Nia Ballerina Doll: https://amzn.to/3nQd6za

3. Wooden Shape Tracing Board

Let your little ones have fun while learning with the Wooden Shape Tracing Board. It is an ideal hands-on and tactile resource that will help your child begin recognizing some basic shapes. They can use the tracing stick or trace with their finger for a more exciting experience. The board is reversible with eight different 2D shapes they can trace. There’s a circle, triangle, square, and rectangle on the front, as well as an oval, pentagon, hexagon, and heptagon on the back of it.

Wooden Shape Tracing Board_2

Wooden Shape Tracing Board: https://coachhousewoodworks.co.uk/collections/shape/products/wooden-shape-tracing-board-montessori-learning-resource

4. Wooden Number Tracing Board

In case you want them to learn and recognize the basic numbers from 1-10, you can go for this Wooden Number Tracing Board. It is also reversible, and with ten small frames on the back, so your kids can develop their counting skills. By using this number board, kids will boost their muscle memory in their hands. It is incredibly helpful when they start holding a pen and write on paper.

Wooden Number Tracing Board: https://www.coachhousewoodworks.co.uk/collections/number/products/wooden-number-tracing-board-montessori-learning-resource

5. Colourful Playing Blocks

Kids will definitely love how colourful these playing blocks are. Not only are they beautiful to look at, but they’re educational and fun to play with as well. It is perfect for three-years-old and above and for those who are learning to count. These playing blocks come in different sizes. There are 100 pieces together, and they come with a sturdy frame for easy storage.

Small Varying Size Playing Blocks

Small Varying-size Playing Blocks:


6. Little Star Toys Rainbow Semi-Circles

They can expand their creativity with Little Star Toys Rainbow Semi-Circles. It comes with 11 colorful pieces that allow them to create patterns and shapes. These semi-circles are an open-ended toy, meaning that they are designed to encourage your little ones’ creativity and imagination.

This toy is recommended for kids of all ages. It offers tons of possibilities, as they can create anything from dollhouses, bridges, towers, and more.

Rainbow Semi-Circles: https://amzn.to/2HCTTSg

7. Grimm’s Square 36 Cube

If she isn’t fond of semi-circle toys, then you could try Grimm’s Square 36 Cube instead? It comes with 37 pieces, including the quality frame and the colourful cubes. It will provide hours of learning through play and fun. Let them learn, create, and build with this set of rainbow blocks. Each cube is tactile and smooth and is guaranteed to provide unlimited enjoyment for kids.

Grimm’s Square 36 Cube: https://amzn.to/33gslJR

8. Spiel & Holz Design Butterfly Wooden Puzzle

Butterfly Wooden Puzzle: https://amzn.to/2Hwv22i

Lay them out flat to create a colorful butterfly or stack up the blocks to make buildings and towers, or anything the kids can imagine. The possibilities with this Spiel & Holz Design Butterfly Wooden Puzzle are endless.

This toy comes in a butterfly-shaped frame that they can use as a base for the puzzle or building blocks. It can boost their imagination while stimulating critical thinking by solving the puzzle.

9. Little Flower Wooden Puzzle Stacker

When all of the pieces are placed together, this Little Flower Wooden Puzzle Stacker stands about nine inches tall. No wonder it is loved, not only by 36-month-old kids, but also by many older children. This wooden puzzle stacker is simple, beautiful, and made from sustainably-harvested lime wood and non-toxic stains.

Your kids can use the blocks for building or construction. When paired with small figures or dolls, they can also enjoy an imaginative play.

Wooden Puzzle Stacker: https://amzn.to/3q0PycC

10. Reading Eggs

If you feel like your little one is ready to read, but you don’t have the time to teach her, then this reading program is your best solution. Reading Eggs is a multi-award-winning online reading program that makes learning to read a fun and easy experience. Reading Eggs features interactive animations, beautiful songs, and fun characters so that your kids will never get bored. The one-on-one lessons are also designed to match the reading ability of every child.

Reading Eggs: https://readingeggs.co.uk/referral/?ref_parent_id=6764060


Girls love toys, but sometimes, they just don’t know what they would like. The good news is that it is often easy and exciting to help them develop their interest. That is why we included different types of gifts for girls aged ten or younger. Whether she is more into dolls and technical gifts, or someone who enjoys being creative, our Christmas gift ideas are fun, safe, and will give them hours of imaginative playtime.