What is Branding Using Social Media

Social media has turned out to be one of the most potent tools you can use to brand your business. It has leveled the field for both small and big brands to reach their target audience. Therefore, it is worth giving thought and resources if you are looking to implement branding using social media and build a successful brand. 

Think of it this way, your potential clients are already interacting with other brands on social media. If you don’t make your business presence felt on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, you risk being left behind. Strategic use of social media platforms can and will bring remarkable success to your business.

Statistics indicate over 3.8 billion social media users worldwide, which is impressive, considering there are around 4.5 billion internet users. A huge chunk of consumers are likely to look for solutions from brands with a social media presence. 

This blog introduces you to branding using social media. Read on to know what it means to build your brand on the digital universe.

Branding Using Social Media 101

Branding using social media is the same as branding using other means. The ultimate goal is to create a business ‘name’ and image that resonates with your potential customers. As you know, pretty much everyone spends most of their free time checking out various social media platforms. This gives you a perfect stage to make your business seen and heard. You can post pictures, videos, promotion coupons, and blogs for business purposes.

Like you will discover, different social media platforms can be used for other branding and marketing purposes.

Instagram, for instance, is suitable for photos and videos. Pinterest is good for images, while Twitter is good for tweets. Branding using social media involves placing your product/service in the consumer’s mind, offering clarity and direction, running marketing campaigns, and informing the customers what you want to be known for.  The biggest brands are using social media to create awareness about their products and services. They are strategically using it to build a digital presence and engage existing customers while also reaching out to prospective clients. It shows that social media branding is something even the more established franchises are taking seriously. This mean so should you. It might seem like you’re a little fish in a big ocean at first but trust me by the time you know it you will achieve 1k followers.

Breaking Through the Clutter

Just like regular branding, using social media requires a sound branding strategy. You don’t expect to create a few business profiles, and suddenly business starts rolling. Branding aims to make your business easily recognizable to your target market. To break through the clutter (and there is a lot of it), you need a plan. Without a social plan, it is more like taking a stroll in the jungle without a map. You may have some fun, but you can also easily get lost.  Here are a few rules to social media branding that you will find helpful:

1. Don’t Feel the Need to Be on Every Channel

With so many social media platforms to pick from, you can get confused about the most effective one. You may even be tempted to make your presence felt across all the platforms.

You don’t have to do that. You can pick several platforms and do great, well, and good. However, it is more important to find one or two that best works for you and focus on doing it right. Otherwise, you may water down your reach by spreading too wide. It took me a long time to establish this, but in the end Instagram was the best to reach my wonderful working woman.

2. You Don’t Need Millions of Followers

In this era of social media influencers and internet celebrities, it is easy to get caught up in the follower figure craze. The good news is your business doesn’t need millions of followers to be a successful brand. By the end of the day, it is better to have 100 followers who buy your products than 100k followers who don’t. It is more about creating meaningful consumer interest than merely having the numbers.

3. Be Consistent

While you don’t need to have your presence on all social media platforms, successful branding takes time. Consistency is, therefore, key. You need to post frequently; otherwise, you won’t be seen, which is the point.  In addition, your brand profiles need to be the same across the platforms. Colours, logos, graphics, and language should be similar across the board. Remember, you are looking to build an identity that consumers can relate to. Even if your business is already established, you still need consistency in advertising, packaging, and customer relations.

The Importance of Posting Shareworthy Content

Part of what makes branding using social media successful is creating shareworthy content. After all, content marketing is the bedrock of social media. The aim is to position yourself as the ultimate resource for great content in whichever industry your business is in. The content you post can make or break your brand. Keep in mind that you only have a few seconds to convince a potential consumer not to scroll past your post. Strive to post content that people will find useful enough to click, engage, and share. Concentrate on the content you think best connects with your audience, post it regularly, and watch the engagements shoot through the roof. Whether you focus on blog posts, pictures, memes, or video content, make sure your audience finds whatever you post interesting. 

Engage with Your Followers

There is a reason it is called social media; it is the place people go to socialize virtually. If you want to build a successful social media brand, you have to be social. This means continuously engaging with your followers. Answer their questions, like their comments, retweet their tweets, and respond to their DMs. I remember when I started I was very unsociable that cost me to loss a lot of potential customers

You have to keep the conversation going. Keep your followers engaged, and in return, they will keep your brand in their minds. You don’t want them thinking a robot is running your page!

That said, it is essential to understand that creating a successful brand on social media doesn’t happen overnight. Be realistic and know that you won’t gain hundreds of thousands of followers after a few days of posting your product/service on Instagram.  Understand what makes your brand tick and build on that. This patient approach will pay dividends in the long run.